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Названиесортировать по убыванию Автор Издатель Год
A Comparative Study on Last Resort Social Assistance Schemes in Six European Countries Kuivalainen S. Stakes 2004
A comparative typology of ethnic relations in Central and Eastern Europe Kovacs P. The Local Government 1998
A Comparison of the Condition of Russia's Municipal and Departmental Housing. R.Struyk, C.Romanik The UI 1994
A Concise Guide to Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBSs)// An Overview of the Market Hayre L.
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A Course in Program Evalution: An Outline. Draft Struyk Raymond J. Washington DC: The Urban Institute 2001
A Course in Public Economics Leach John Cambridge Universuty Press 2004
A Dictionary of Law Martin E. (editor) Oxford: University Press 2003
A final report of the Housing Assistance Supply Experiment. Carter Grace M., Wendt James C. Rand Corporation 1982
A General Model of Long-Term Instability of Residential Leasehold Systems: Lessons from Great Britain, Australia, Hawaii and Maryland Ordway Nicholas University of Hawaii 1996