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A Revenue Guide for Local Government. Describes sources of local government revenue and related policy and administrative issues. Bland Robert L. ICMA 1989
A Review of Empirical Evidence on the Costs and Benefits of Rent Control// Swedish Economic Policy Review. - 2003. - Vol. 10. - # 1. - pp. 11-56 Turner B., Maipezz S. 2003
A Review of Flexible Mortgages Smith S., Ford J., Munro M., Davis R. Council of Mortgage Lenders 2002
A Roadmap for Chapter Leaders CAI 1997
A Social Experiment in Program Administration Hamilton ABT Books 1979
A Structure for Housing Finance in the Russian Federation. Revised and Expanded R.Struyk, N.Kosareva The UI 1992
A System for Survival: GIS and Sustainable Development Falconer A., Foresman J. (editors) Redlands: ESRI Press 2002
A Transfer of Ownership's Rights for Land to Enterprises. Methodological Manual for Local Government Administrators and Enterprise Managers Prepared under Recomendations of GKI Moscow 1996
Accelerating Municipal Bond Market Development in Emerging Economies: An Assessment of Strategies and Progress Center for International Development 2000
Accelerating Russian Restructuring at the Local Level: Housing, Communal Services, and Real Estate Reform. Final Report. Prepared for USAID, Cooperative Agreement # 118-A-00-98-00168-00 The Institute for Urban Econimics M. 2002