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IUE Management has taken an active part in the XVII April International Academic Conference of HSE

On April 19-22 in Moscow "Higher School of Economics" held the XVII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development - is the largest academic forum in Russia on social and economic sciences which has won international recognition.

“We have moved beyond arguments where to go (though they do still occur) to examining the underground processes, and on understanding discussions about the processes. And this is, I believe, the main distinguishing feature of our conference. The conversation is not only held on the basis of expert opinion – but from an academic perspective. Discussions are not about anything and everything, but about the problems which are essential for the society” – says Yasin E.G., Chair of the Conference’s Programme Committee, Academic Supervisor, NRU HSE.

Within the Program of plenary sessions on 21 April there was held a session "Drivers of economic growth: at the example of the housing market". The contributors were the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Housing Policy and Housing and Communal Services of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly Nikolaeva E.L. and the President of the Fund "Institute for Urban Economics" Kosareva N.B. The speakers were: Minister of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation Men M.A., Chairman of the Board of Directors of the "Barkli" Corporation, Board Member of the All-Russian Public Organization "Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs" Kazinets L.A., General Director of JSC "Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending" Plutnik A.A., Dean of A.A.Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism NRU HSE Novikov A.V. Moderator: Yasin E.G.

On April 20 the General Director of IUE Puzanov A.S. acted as the moderator of the round table discussion "Development of housing rent in major Russian cities". The following persons were invited to the discussion: Stasishin N.E., Director of the Housing Policy Department of the Ministry of Construction of Russia; Semeniuk A.G., Executive Director of the Agency for the Development of the Human Capital in the Far East; Ponomarev I.V., Managing Director of the Federal Center for Project Financing; Polidi T.D., Executive Director of the "Institute for Urban Economics", Director of "Real Estate Market" Department; Stadnikov V.E., Deputy Dean of the Graduate School of Urbanism of NRU HSE; Goldberg M.A., Head of the Competitive Analysis of JSC "Agency for Housing Mortgage Lending"; Budak D.Yu., General Director of the National Association of the Rental Housing Market Participants".

Issues for discussion:

• Evaluation of demand for rental housing.

• The main categories of potential tenants and their preferences.

• Architectural-planning and town planning characteristics of rental housing.

• Priority directions of the state’s support for the development of rental institution.

On April 19 under the chairmanship of Puzanov A.S. there was held a session "Housing construction and development of the Moscow agglomeration", during which the Leading Legal Adviser of "Real Estate" Department of IUE Baykova T.K. made a presentation on the subject "Development of the Russian apartments market: opportunities and risks".