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IUE’s project on capital repairs to multi-unit residential buildings was awarded the Moscow Mayor Grant

A project “Practical guide for a proactive housing owner: “Road Map on capital repairs to a multi-unit residential building” offers a core group of housing activists a helpful practical tool on how to prepare for and effectively carry out capital repairs to a multi-unit residential building. The guide can be used as an information booklet, a calendar of events, a day planner, and an information... подробнее

T. Polidi, Executive Director, IUE, expressed her opinion about the economy of housing redevelopment in Russia’s regions in an article published in “Vedomosti”

Authors of the draft law “On Housing Redevelopment in the Russian Federation” consider that the main goal of the law is to put an end to simple substitution of hazardous housing [by replacement buildings] in the country. The document is rather small. It comprises only 30 pages. According to the draft law authors’ estimates, the regions willing to launch the process are still few in number: there... подробнее

Tatyana Polidi, Executive Director, IUE, spoke at a Plenary Session held at the forum on strategic development “Cities of Russia 2030: A Digital Future” in the city of Yekaterinburg on November 14

During a panel discussion, entitled “Strategies of cities and regions: Designing a Digital Future”, the experts discussed strategic directions for development of municipalities in Russia. Almost all the speakers pointed out that Russia’s cities have to take steps towards consolidating to form metropolitan areas [agglomerations]. And yet T. Polidi, Executive Director, IUE, who was slated to... подробнее

IUE’s project “Contract for multi-unit residential building management: Do it yourself!” won the support at the Competition for Presidential Grants for Civil Society Development

News feeds are full of briefs highlighting conflicts between the owners of dwelling units in multi-unit residential buildings and managing organizations. The owners do not agree with the list and cost of works and services, with increased fees under contracts for multi-unit residential building management, with the quality of work carried out by managing companies and contractors. The... подробнее

Nadezhda Kosareva, President of IUE, delivered a presentation on creation and work of housing-construction cooperatives at a training seminar organized for regional public authorities and hosted by the city of Kazan

In Kazan, officials from State Duma, the Council of Federation, the Ministry of Construction, discussed “housing aspects” of the presidential message delivered by Putin. Regional authorities were tasked with ensuring a 1.5 times increase in housing construction. One solution is to look as far back as Soviet times and restore the mechanism of housing construction cooperatives (HCCs) with... подробнее

The British scientific publishing house Routledge has issued a Handbook of Contemporary Issues in Expropriation with a Chapter on the situation in Russia prepared by experts of the IUE

The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Issues in Expropriation reviews the contemporary major issues involving expropriation (eminent domain/compulsory purchase) in an international context. Expropriation is a right reserved to all governments, and, thus, it has an impact on all societies. This book, the first of its kind, considers the essential issues from the point of view of both... подробнее

RSA Russia Conference 2018: Tatyana Polidi, Executive Director (IUE), made presentation «Economic Development and Economic Structure of the Major Russian Metropolitan Areas»

Regional Studies Association Conference 2018 «Urban and Regional Resilience: Strategies for Success» are held 22-23 October and takes place within the Russian All Russia Strategic Forum in St Petersburg.  The Forum is held annually since 2002 and has already firmly and justifiably gained the right to be regarded as the main platform for discussion of methods and tools of... подробнее

HSE’ conference ‘Urban Renewal Policy: Balancing between Housing Affordability and Urban Sustainability’ started with open talk on national housing policy in Russia and European countries with Prof. Alexander Puzanov and Prof. Michael Oxley

On 10 October 2018 an International Scientific and Practical Conference ‘Urban Renewal Policy: Balancing between Housing Affordability and Urban Sustainability’ held by the Graduate School of Urbanism of the HSE Faculty of Urban and Regional Development took place at the Higher School of Economics. Passing through rapid economic and spatial growth cities are facing similar problems... подробнее

IUE' Urban Economy Department Director Irina Gentzler took part in the UNECE events, on October 4 and 5 in Geneva

The Seventy-Ninth session of the Committee on Housing and Land Management, which took place in Geneva on 4 and 5 October 2018,  discussed concrete steps on how the Committee is aligning its activities with the 2030 Agenda, the New Urban Agenda and the Geneva UN Charter on Sustainable Housing. Innovative experiences and best practices on housing, urban development, and land... подробнее

Russian scientific journal "Property relations in the Russian Federation" published IUE' experts article Analysis of judicial practice on issues related to apartments in Russia

The authors of the article analyze the judicial practice for the period 2012 -2018, related to disputes over the legitimacy of the creation of apartments and the legality of their use. Legal risks of development of the illegal market of apartments are revealed. The need for a legal analysis premises, they are treated as residential on the market, which generates numerous litigation. ... подробнее