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Anniversary report IUE

Дата публикации: 21.11.2020

The Institute for Urban Economics began its work 25 years ago, guided by a mission that has remained constant throughout all these years – providing analysis and assistance for the socio-economic development of cities and regions. There have been many changes in our country over those 25 years, but the Institute has remained faithful to its ideals and principles. Over these years, the IUE has made a genuine contribution to Russia’s economic and social development, providing expert support to the local and federal authorities, businesses and non-commercial organizations involved in the economic development of our cities.

The Institute has been an active participant in the drafting and implementation of key laws, strategies and programs aimed at improvement of housing and urban policies, housing and utilities reform, municipal socio-economic development, and spreading best practices in municipal governance.

The IUE Endowment provides a sound financial foundation, supporting opportunities to conduct pilot research, deliver the results of our research to a wider range of stakeholders, monitor the economic and housing situations in cities and metropolitan areas.

The results of all research financed through the IUE Endowment are available on our web-site and are accessible to all.

IUE has also established and strengthened its international reputation, and for the last five years has been in the Top 50 of the Global Go Think Tank Index in the “Leading Analytical Institutes of Central and Eastern Europe” and “Leading Analytical Institutes in Social Policy” categories.

In 2019, the Institute continued active work on its chosen areas of priority. An important milestone was the completion of analysis and preparation of complex proposals for improvement of the system of social housing provision for beneficiary categories of citizens in the Russian Federation, carried out to order of the Integrated Housing Development Institution (DOM.RF). Other significant projects for the Institute were the preparation of proposals for granting broader powers to Russian regional governments in the areas of urban planning, land and housing, as well as the evaluation of the implementation of regional housing construction policy in the Moscow mega-region (both studies ordered by the Center for Strategic Development); analysis and preparation of proposals for improving state oversight of utilities connection for capital construction (ordered by the Department of Urban Planning Policy of the Moscow Government).

Last year, the Institute completed two grant-funded projects: Multi-apartment building management contract: Do It Yorself! (Supported by Grant from the President of the Russian Federation for civil society development and IUE endowment) and Practical Guide for building-neighborhood activists: Roadmap for multi-apartment building overhaul (Grant from Moscow Major and IUE endowment). We believe these projects are highly important because they promote the development of civil society institutions and affect the lives of real people.

The achieved results, of which we are rightfully proud, would have been impossible without the support of our colleagues and partners. We express our deep gratitude to the state and local government agencies, leading centers of socioeconomic analysis, universities and businesses, and the media for their assistance in bringing our work to life, and also those who placed orders for work with the IUE, grantors and donors to IUE Endowment.

This celebration of the Institute for Urban Economics is a personal celebration for every employee of the Institute, members of the Council and Board of Trustees of the Council of the Institute! And we congratulate all of us on our 25th anniversary, wishing each of you continued success and many interesting years of fruitful work!


Anniversary report IUE

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