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Housing affordability in the major Russian metropolitan areas 3rd quarter 2020

The Institute for Urban Economics presents the research on Housing Affordability in the major Russian metro area (as of the 3rd quarter 2020). Despite economic distress and incomes drop housing prices displayed a strong positive trend in 16 out of 17 major metro markets in Russia. Actually in the pandemic crisis housing markets are getting more influenced by the overall... more

Area Development and Policy: "Economic performance of Russian regions’ capital cities"

Large cities and urban (or metropolitan) regions play relatively large roles in the world and national economies. The paper provides a methodology for Gross Urban Product (GUP) assessment that is based on the international experience but with some peculiarities necessitated by the use of Russian official statistics. Estimates of the GUP of capital cities derived with this methodology are used... more

Anniversary report IUE

The Institute for Urban Economics began its work 25 years ago, guided by a mission that has remained constant throughout all these years – providing analysis and assistance for the socio-economic development of cities and regions. There have been many changes in our country over those 25 years, but the Institute has remained faithful to its ideals and principles. Over these years, the IUE has... more

Tatyana Polidi took part in the Roundtable roundtable discussion “The economic effects of flexible work arrangements: trends and forecasts”

The online roundtable discussion “The economic effects of flexible work arrangements: trends and forecasts” was held today by the Department of Multilateral Economic Cooperation and Special Projects of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia. The event was attended by the experts from leading international organizations, think tanks and companies (OECD, ILO, Facebook, APEC, the... more

Housing Affordability in Russia by Nadezhda Kosareva &Tatiana Polidi

Given Russia’s public policy of increasing affordable housing, this study estimates its achievements. It highlights future obstacles and argues for modernization. Statistical estimates of housing affordability indicators in Russia generally and in major Russian metropolitan areas specifically show trends of substantial increase for the past 15 years. Although the housing affordability... more

16th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey: 2020. SPECIAL COVERAGE: HOUSING AFFORDABILITY IN RUSSIA

For some years, the Institute for Urban Economics (IUE) has analyzed housing affordability in the 17 metropolitan areas in Russia with more than one million residents. Most recently, IUE has published results for the third quarter (September quarter) of 2019. Demographia is pleased to share results from the IUE report. IUE provides data on median house prices, median household income and price... more

The Economy of Russian Cities and Metropolitan Areas. Issue #3: Economic structure and growth potential

Almost throughout the last 25 years, there have been expert discussions regarding structural changes needed by the Russian economy to switch to a new model of economic growth – growth driven by innovations rather than the production and sale of resources. In recent years, the most active discussion has had to do with the key role of cities and metropolitan areas - as territories currently... more

A Study on the Housing and Urban Planning Sectors Performance Indicators in Major Russian Metropolitan Areas

The Institute for Urban Economics presents the research «A Study on the Housing and Urban Planning Sectors Performance Indicators in Major Russian Metropolitan Areas» performed in 2018 by order of the Russian development institution «DOM.RF». This research is the first so extensive comparative study on the housing and urban planning trends in the largest Russian MAs over almost 30 years... more

Moscow government to allocate record-breaking amount to "My street" program. Commentary by N. Kosareva

Moscow’s estimated budget for the My Street program allows for RUB 45.5 billion in 2021, a record-breaking amount since its inception. “This is the largest landscaping and improvement project in Moscow’s modern history,” a source in the Mayor’s office commented. According to the estimated Moscow budget for 2020 through 2022, RUB 107.2 billion is earmarked for the My Street program,... more

“Two consequences”: A. Puzanov on reducing monotown list

Mr. Alexander Puzanov, General Director, Institute for Urban Economics, commented to Moscow 24, the State Duma’s initiative to halve the number of monotowns. According to the expert, the new system is “needed” because the Monotown Development Fund “is unable to address all monotowns.” Mr. Puzanov noted that this change would lead to two consequences. “Those remaining on the list... more