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Irina Gentsler - Removing barriers is a necessary step on the path towards promoting competition in management of multi-unit apartment buildings

On January 21, 2018, Irina Gentsler, Director of Urban Economy Department, IUE, spoke at a meeting held at the Federal Council. According to the expert, there is a need to shift from licensing of management organizations, which consists, in fact, in confirming the right to manage a certain apartment building, to confirming professional skills and competence of such organizations, in general.

The role of owners should also be strengthened. “It is suggested that the existence of a community of owners, who received their dwellings through privatization, purchase, and the like, but did so without legally valid documents, be recognized. As well as their right to a separate joint account to accumulate funds for maintenance of common property”, said Irina Gentsler. The expert has also recalled that IUE had prepared and presented for a review a draft law related to development of the institution of management of multi-unit residential buildings. "There is a need for greater accountability on the part of owners and management organizations. It is also necessary to enable them to negotiate”, concluded Irina Gentsler.