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Nadezhda Kosareva, IUE President and an economics columnist for the Izvestia newspaper, writes about the prospects for increased housing construction in Russia in 2024

In 2017, 80 million square meters of new housing were built in Russia. Yet the sufficiently high figure was the result of what had been achieved in previous years. The Presidential Decree of May 7, 2018, establishes the provision of housing as the national goal. This strategic objective entails the attainment of certain quantitative indicators. A key measure – an increase in construction of... more

Russian scientific "ECO journal" published IUE' experts article "The Outline of the New State Policy towards Russian Cities and Urban Agglomerations"

In the article necessity of state policy correction in relation to the cities in Russia towards decentralization and differentiation is stated. The mechanisms that allow to increase autonomy of the large cities and urban agglomerations are offered along with the corresponding calculations and expert estimates. Also attention is paid to the problems of absence at the state... more

IUE hosted a discussion club “An Analysis of the Legal Aspects of Direct Contracts on Provision of Utility Services between Utility Providers and Owners of Premises in Apartment Buildings”

On July 19, 2018 IUE hosted a discussion club “An Analysis of the Legal Aspects of Direct Contracts on Provision of Utility Services between Utility Providers and Owners of Premises in Apartment Buildings”. Nadezhda Kosareva, President (IUE) moderated the event. A. Sidyakin, First Deputy Chairperson of State Duma’s Committee on Housing Policy and Housing and Utilities Sector, participated in... more

A system of housing and utility tariffs to be reformed in the Eastern Kazakhstan, writes News Agency ‘Kazinform’ citing Irina Gentzler, Director, Urban Economy Department (IUE)

Specialists in the Eastern Kazakhstan note excessive administrative burden and high level of bureaucracy at a stage of tariff adoption and monitoring. In fact, a similar project in water supply sector has been launched in four regions of the country. Today there are 26 entities on the list of participants. Specialists are working to refine the approaches to tariff setting for power- and water... more

Tatyana Polidi, Executive Director (IUE) made presentations at two panel discussions at the Moscow Urban Forum (MUF) 2018

The Moscow Urban Forum 2018 dedicated to development of megacities and metropolitan areas amid global transformations took place on July 17-22. On the first day of MUF 2018, Tatyana Polidi, Executive Director (IUE) spoke about economic aspects of redevelopment at a session “Redevelopment and Environment: How Major Redevelopment Projects Influence Cities?”. On July 18, with the support of DOM.... more

Scientific journal 'Family and Housing Law' published IUE article about ways to improve the regulation of convention and holding of general meetings of apartment block premise owners in Russia

This article presents proposals for improving the provisions of the Housing code of the Russian Federation on convening and holding general meetings of premise owners to eliminate existing problems of law enforcement.  Athours: Gordeev Dmitry P. Leading Legal Counsel of the Urban Economy Department of the Institute for Urban Economics Member of the Expert Council of the State Duma... more

Alexander Puzanov, Director General (IUE), talks to the Russian International Affairs Council: “A large city needs to have more of a voice of local communities”

The debate about the quality of urban environment remains high on the agenda in Russia and other countries. The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) interviewed Alexander Puzanov about the challenges faced by a city today, and about which of them can be solved with the help of urban sciences. Alexander, could you please tell us about the prospects of urbanization in Russia and abroad,... more

Annual report 2017 of The Institute for Urban Economics 

We are pleased to share the achievements of the Institute for Urban Economics of 2017. Overall we are satisfied with the work performed (although it is not for us to judge). Last year, we made a significant breakthrough in the analytical interpretation of urban development processes in Russia and participated in drafting proposals with regard to the new model for cities and metropolitan areas... more

Federal Scientific Practical Journal 'MUNICIPAL PROPERTY: economics, law, management' published IUE article about modern urban development mythology in Russia

On February 12, 2018, the Institute for Urban Economics (IUE) held a round table 'The Modern Urban Development Mythology', with participation of urban development experts who were offered a couple of questions: Did our urban and agglomeration development concept always correspond to the actual processes? Do the analytics, business, government bodies have enough data to carry out research and make... more

IUE’ experts took part in the work of UNECE’s seminar 'Sustainable urban planning and housing', the city of Grodno, the Republic of Belarus

Seminar ‘Sustainable urban planning and housing: national priorities of the Republic of Belarus and best international practices’ took place from 31 May to 1 June 2018 in the city of Grodno, the Republic of Belarus. The objectives of the seminar: to promote building capacity of national and local authorities in Belarus on integrated urban planning and housing policies; to share and discuss... more