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  • 19.05.2018

    Tatyana Polidi - The potential of town-planning development in RF at about one billion square meters of housing

    T. Polidi, IUE Executive Director, made a presentation on “Housing and Urban Environment as Assets of Urban Economy” at the first session of the Living Environment Forum hosted by the city of Kaliningrad on May 18-19, 2018.

    “RIA Nedvizhimost (“Real Estate” Russian News Agency)estimates the potential of town-planning development in RF at about one billion square meters of housing,” informed the audience T. Polidi, Executive Director of IUE, at the Living Environment Forum.

    “The prospects for urban development of our metropolitan areas are bright. We...

  • 24.04.2018

    Tatyana Polidi - It necessary to ensure the access to affordable housing via rental housing

    At a panel discussion on 24 April 2018, IUE experts presented a review of international and national practices in urban development regulation for improved housing affordability. A study by IUE was presented by T. Polidi, IUE Executive Director and Real Estate Market Department Director.

    According to T. Polidi, at the stage of strong economic growth, with annual GDP growth at 7 percent, in Russia during the first decade of the 21st century, the increase in household income, combined with practically unlimited possibilities for developing cities’ fringes...

  • 29.10.2016

    Tatiana Polidi - About Moscow industrial areas redevelopment

    Dozens of industrial areas lie idle in Moscow as redevelopment has been hindered by fragmented ownership structures. However, through a new law enabling local authorities to expropriate these areas, regeneration is expected to pick up and drive a rebound in the local real estate market, as Jacopo Dettoni reports.  


    Job distribution 

    The regeneration of the industrial zones has emerged as a key part of the city government’s vision to redistribute jobs and residential space more evenly across Moscow's urban area and fix the city’s...

  • 1.08.2016

    Tatiana Polidi - Housing Affordability in Russia for the year 2015 and the first quarter of 2016

    Despite the tightening of mortgage lending terms and a 35% drop in the volume of mortgage loans issued in 2015 down from the values reached in 2014, the national average values of HAI improved in Russia. In 2014, 29.6% of households had access to mortgage loans, while in 2015 the value reached 30.8% of households. If assessed in terms of house price to household income ratio the affordability of housing has also slightly improved. As of 2014, it took 3.8 years a household of 3 persons to accumulate all their incomes for a purchase of a standard dwelling, while in 2015 it took a household 3...