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  • 1.02.2019

    Nadezhda Kosareva - On the proposal of the Ministry of Russia to compensate the investors up to a quarter of the costs incurred in resettling residents from hazardous housing

    “The approach itself – with compensation for the investors’ costs — is perfectly sensible”, says Nadezhda Kosareva, President of IUE. Investors, however, think ‘on a large scale’. They are rarely satisfied with ‘one-off’ projects, unless these are in central zones (especially where town-planning regulations allow to produce more dwelling space than today).

    “The most investment attractive destinations are territories, for example, a neighborhood area where, along with hazardous buildings, there are some objects that could also be demolished. Relevant legislation,...

  • 30.10.2018

    Nadezhda Kosareva - About creation and work of housing-construction cooperatives

    In Kazan, officials from State Duma, the Council of Federation, the Ministry of Construction, discussed “housing aspects” of the presidential message delivered by Putin. Regional authorities were tasked with ensuring a 1.5 times increase in housing construction. One solution is to look as far back as Soviet times and restore the mechanism of housing construction cooperatives (HCCs) with apartments 50 percent cheaper, as compared with market prices, which makes the apartments affordable to public employees and families with many children. The work of HCCs is currently governed by...

  • 24.04.2018

    Nadezhda Kosareva - Today we have already approached a new stage of town-planning and housing policies in Russia

    At a panel discussion on 24 April 2018, IUE experts presented a review of international and national practices in urban development regulation for improved housing affordability. 

    N. Kosareva, IUE President, turning to the stages of development of the housing policy in Russia, noted three historic points of reference: a ‘give-away’ privatization of housing, development of housing and mortgage markets, improving the affordability of homeownership. She said that the stages had been linked to the most important priorities of each historic period and had been determined...

  • 18.01.2017

    Nadezhda Kosareva - About rental housing development in Russia

    In megacities, large cities of the world, occupation of rental dwellings is the most prevalent type of tenure. In Berlin rental dwellings represent 80 percent of the total housing, whereas in Moscow privately-owned properties make up 85 of the total housing. Obviously, these trends are diametrically opposed to each other. And, therefore, the earlier we start to change the aforesaid proportion the sooner we will be able to resolve the problem. In 2016 the IUE made an attempt to reconcile the conceptual developments, we created, with [their} practical implementation. In this regard, [I would...