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Tatyana D. Polidi

Position: IUE Executive Director, Head of the Real Estate Market Department 

Focus areas: real estate markets, urban economics, housing policy, housing finance, investment in development, metropolitan areas 

In 2010, Tatyana D. Polidi received a bachelor's degree in Economics, in 2012 she received a master's degree in "Microeconomics and microeconomic policy" at the Higher School of Economics. In 2014, she took advanced training courses in the programs "Housing Finance" and "Securitization" at the Wharton school of business at the University of Pennsylvania (USA). In 2016 he was awarded the degree of candidate of Economic Sciences.

Ms Polidi is the leading Russian expert in the field of housing policy, housing finance, including mortgage lending, real estate market development, urban regulation and land use, metropolitan arear economy as well as on the organization of local government and socio-economic development of cities. He  takes an active part in the development of new economic models and mechanisms of regulation of the real estate market, the implementation of urban redevelopment programs, the introduction of new housing policy tools, including the development of proposals for the creation of a system of financial guarantees of the rights of bona fide buyers of housing, the application of the principles of public-private partnership to create a housing market, professional rental housing market, the reduction of administrative barriers in housing construction.

Tatyana D. Polidi is the author of a number of scientific articles and publications in Russia and abroad, permanent participant of Russian and international scientific, expert conferences in the field of metropolitan arears and city economy, real estate and housing policy. For ten years, constantly participates in realization of Programs of fundamental research of the HSE in the framework of the research project "Investigation of structural changes in the Russian economy (sectoral approach)" under the guidance of the supervisor, HSE Evgeny G. Yasin.

Membership in professional organizations: member of the Expert Council of the Federal Antimonopoly service for the development of competition in the construction industry; the Committee on land and property relations of the All Russia Public Organization "Business Russia"; the Expert group on the national project "Housing and urban environment". In 2017, Tatyana D. Polidi became one of the eight laureates who received gratitude from the Mayor of Moscow for the great contribution to the development of the capital by the Day of the economist.