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Annual report 2017 of The Institute for Urban Economics 

Дата публикации: 14.06.2018

We are pleased to share the achievements of the Institute for Urban Economics of 2017. Overall we are satisfied with the work performed (although it is not for us to judge).

Last year, we made a significant breakthrough in the analytical interpretation of urban development processes in Russia and participated in drafting proposals with regard to the new model for cities and metropolitan areas development as drivers of the country’s economic growth. This work was carried out jointly with the Center for Strategic Research.

The results of these and other studies of the Institute for Urban Economics were discussed at the Conference ‘New Agenda for Development of Russia’s Cities’, held by the Institute for Urban Economics.

The theme was in the focus of the keynote speech delivered by Aleksey L. Kudrin who heads the Committee of Civic Initiatives and the Center for Strategic Research. The Conference was attended by 150 experts from 15 Russian regions. A special issue of the IUE’s ‘The City Almanac’ was prepared for the conference. The issue includes the results of research carried out by the IUE’s experts in 2015-2016 within IUE Endowment and focusing on the most pressing issues of urban economy and municipal governance, housing policy, utilities, housing construction and urban development. The Conference and the City Almanac were financed through the IUE Endowment.

Last year was characterized by the implementation of many other interesting IUE projects such as creating comfortable urban environment, including that in particular during the renovation of the Moscow housing stock, providing loans for capital repairs of multiapartment buildings, improving the housing management regulation and responsibility for the technical condition of capital construction facilities put into operation.

In 2017, we enhanced the dissemination of our research results through our website and other online resources, covering about 100 thousand people of the target audience. Also we increased the number of publications in the mass media to 500, as well as established links with information projects of the Center for Strategic Research and the Unified Registry of Developers.

According to the results of the annual world rating Global Go to Think Tank Index Report, IUE had been again included in TOP 50 in the two categories – Best Research Centers in the Area of Social Policy and Top Think Tanks in Central and Eastern Europe.

We are particularly grateful to the donors who contributed to the IUE Endowment and, thus, not only gave us an opportunity to conduct research on vital issues of urban development but also enabled us to present the research findings to the expert community, state authorities and local governments, business associations and non-government organizations.

We are thankful to everyone for their cooperation and we look forward to new interesting joint projects in 2018!

IUE' Annual report 2017