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A draft Law on Local Self-Government prepared with the participation of Alexander Puzanov, IUE Director General, will be submitted to the State Duma

Дата публикации: 19.11.2016

The Civil Initiatives Committee headed by Alexey Kudrin shall pass the draft amendments to the laws regulating the local self-government to the State Duma’s Committee on Federal Structure and Local Self-Government. The draft amendments were presented at the All-Russia Civil Forum hosted in Moscow.

The underlying principles of the draft focus on greater regulatory flexibility, less stringent legal norms, departure from excessive uniformity in municipal life, decentralization of authority and resources. The development of the draft amendments was in progress for two years. The authors include Andrei Maksimov, a manager of the project “Municipal Map of Russia” run by the Civil Initiatives Committee; Alexander Puzanov, IUE Director General; Olga Glezer, Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of Geography of the RAS.