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Guidelines on capital repairs for Muscovites: a new project of IUE

Дата публикации: 12.10.2016

Members of the Moscow Public Chamber, representatives of IUE, Fund for Capital Repairs of Apartment Buildings, Department for Capital Repairs of Housing Stock in the city of Moscow, Municipal Commission on Public Supervision of Implementation of the Regional Program of Capital Repairs, members of the public and non-profits discussed the issues relating to capital repairs.  

Irina Gentsler, Head of the Housing Sector Department of IUE, presented unique guidelines intended for homeowners. The guidelines entitled “Capital Repairs in Apartment Buildings: Decisions and Actions of Homeowners” reveals a mechanism of capital repairs in an apartment building. The publication was prepared under the program carried out by IUE and financed from a subsidy granted to IUE by the city of Moscow following the Competition for Socially-Oriented Non-Profits held by the Committee on Public Relations.

“This (publication) is a sort of a reference book that can be repeatedly consulted and serve for solution of specific problems", the author noted. “We presented the relevant laws in a “question & answer’ format, and tried to describe certain actions associated with capital repairs in the form of ‘step-by-step’ recommendations for housing initiative groups.