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The Institute for Urban Economics presented its 2018 highlights of the activities funded through the IUE Endowment

Дата публикации: 08.02.2019

The IUE Endowment was established in 2013.  It has been used for to finance our research programs, as well as activities related to designing analytical, methodological and legal support components required for implementation of new mechanisms in the housing, utility, town planning and other areas.

Key projects carried out in 2018, along with recommendations designed by the IUE’s experts include, inter alia:

  • Affordable housing  

Preparing proposals for expanding the list of town-planning and housing policy instruments as a way to increase the supply of affordable housing in Russia’s cities with a focus on rental market development. This builds on a comparative analysis of ongoing practices, in Russia and abroad, for households with moderate and low income, and regulatory (legislative, economic, administrative) mechanisms designed to increase the supply of affordable housing.  

  • Real estate investment market

Developing recommendations on real estate investment market in Russia’s cities by raising awareness among local governments and investors about the potential for investment and possible tools, and also by strengthening the legislation. 

  • Investment attractiveness of public utility companies

Developing an unparalleled methodology and drawing up, on its basis, a balance sheet of investment flows for utility networks, by the example of water supply and sanitation systems, with due account for their technical condition. Exploring the practices of and emerging trends in attracting investment for water supply and sanitation projects under concession contracts, including in small-size municipal entities.

  • Capital repairs in multi-unit residential buildings

Promoting the development of sustainable regional systems of capital repairs in multi-unit residential buildings through development of informational support arrangements and methodological guidelines for organizing and financing capital repairs in multi-unit residential buildings with special accounts, including capital repairs financed from loans; facilitating the development of guidelines towards eliminating, or mitigating, the risks related to long-term sustainability of regional systems of capital repairs in multi-unit residential buildings. A draft federal law has been prepared for legislative regulation of lending framework in relation to capital repairs to common property in multi-unit residential buildings and also for promoting the creation of capital repairs funds on special accounts.

  • Law enforcement and judicial practice on key housing aspects

Analysis of legal aspects associated with negotiation of direct agreements on provision of utility services between utility providers and owners of premises in multi-unit residential buildings.  

Formulating proposals aimed at improving the management of multi-unit residential buildings by owners of premises. Proposals for amending the Housing Code of the Russian Federation and other legislative acts of the Russian Federation have been prepared.

  • Agglomeration-related processes

Based on a unique methodology designed by IUE, the structure of the economies of 45 urban agglomerations, with a population of 300 thousand people and above, has been analyzed to estimate and identify the directions for economic development of “urban” sectors. Recommendations have been made to support cities in implementing the new economic policy. Analysis of regional documents regulating the development of urban agglomerations has been also conducted.

  • Strategic planning

Developing a methodology for assessing the quality of strategic planning at a municipal level. Drawing up guidelines to improve methodological support of strategic planning in municipal entities and the structure and content of the documents regulating strategic planning in municipal entities.