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IUE co-organized a panel discussion on how to arrange accessible urban environment held within the framework of the business programme at the Forth International Exhibition “Rehabilitation: Accessible Environment 2016”

Дата публикации: 15.09.2016

Other co-organizers included Directorate for Construction and Innovation of National Paralympic Projects, National Charity Fund for Support of Efforts on Adaptation of Urban Environment for People with Limited Mobility “City Without Barriers”. 

Alexander Puzanov, IUE Director General, the author of the concept for legislative changes underlying the arrangement of continuous accessible environment for disabled persons and people with limited mobility reported on "Major Areas of Reforms of Federal and Regional Legislation and Regulatory Framework Providing for Creation of Urban Territories Adapted in an Integrated Manner (the Concept)". He spoke on the methodology and principles of legislative changes enabling the creation of urban territories adapted in an integrated manner. A. Puzanov also outlined the mechanisms and forms designed to reconcile the plans of urban territories development with the need for creation of continuous accessible environment for people with limited mobility. The speaker described how to organize public control over the urban environment adapted in an integrated manner at every stage of the projects’ life cycle.