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IUE experts participated in the 3rd Interregional Forum “For Beauty of Russian Cities” held in Nizhniy Novgorod region

Дата публикации: 24.09.2016

Ye. G. Yasin, Academic Supervisor (NRU “HSE”, Moscow), welcomed the audience with opening speech.

Nadezhda Kosareva, IUE President, delivered her report on “Urban Environment as a Factor for Promotion of the Competitive Capacity of a City in Modern Economy”. Alexander Puzanov, IUE Director General, described the opportunities of transparent municipal governance for the purposes of socio-economic development. Tatyana Polidi, IUE Executive Director, Real Estate Market Department, spoke on economic aspects of urban transformations. 

“For Beauty of Russian Cities” is a program developed by NRU “HSE”. The program aims to develop the aesthetic taste of city dwellers and also to create the environment for encouraging the civic engagement. The forum was planned as an expert platform where professionals may share their experience and exchange their expert opinions on how to arrange urban space so that to create the environment in a small town enabling the emergence of centers for social and cultural development and encouraging the arrival of tourists.

Nizhniy Novgorod region