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The IUE presented a concept for improving the management of apartment buildings and offered a scheme for providing loans for the overhaul of apartment buildings

Дата публикации: 05.12.2016

A joint meeting of two commissions of the Public Council under the Ministry of Construction was held on November 30 (the Commission on Housing and Utilities Sector run by A. Makhrushin, Executive Director of the Association “ZhKKh-Development”, and the Commission on Housing Policy headed by N. Kosareva, IUE President).

T. Polidi, IUE Executive Director, reported to the meeting a concept of extending loans for overhaul of apartment buildings (AB). The concept developed by the IUE’s experts implies the creation of the new banking products for holders of special accounts. A HOA, a HCC, a managing company or an authorized person can be eligible for the loans.

I. Gentzler, Head of the IUE’s Housing Sector Project of the Urban Economy Department, made a presentation of a concept ensuring a better management of apartment buildings.

The IUE’s products developed with due account for legal considerations and relying upon feasibility assessment aim at enabling a further development of the AB common property management arrangements.