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On January 20, the Mono-Town Development Fund will introduce a new passport of the program designed to support the settlements – as reported by with comments by Alexander Puzanov, Director General, IUE

Дата публикации: 17.01.2019

This means, in fact, a systematic work with investors being involved and with a unified register of mono-towns communications platforms planned to be created, which has never been done before. It is also important and new, as envisaged by the program, to engage more proactively with local mainstays.

“It is not clear to what extent the current support tools can change the policy regarding mono-towns, in general”, says Alexander Puzanov.

The expert notes that well-being of any mono-town correlates with the state of affairs at its mainstay. As an example, today mono-towns with backbone enterprises being engaged in metallurgy industry operate successfully and their population is growing. In modern economy, however, there is no guarantee that a mainstay enterprise will always develop and provide for the well-being of its dwellers. Alexander Puzanov notes that, in the first place, we need to make sure that mono-towns not be contingent on industrial markets.

“Job creation, for example, is good in itself for inhabitants, for labour market. But if this does not lead to a diversified economic base, then it is a short-term solution”, explains the analytic.

He further observes that in providing assistance local specificities of each town should be taken in consideration. There are mono-towns that exist within urban agglomerations, but there are also isolated mono-towns. The former ones are less vulnerable.