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Mini-interview given by Alexander S. Puzanov, IUE Director General, to Vechernyaya Moskva newspaper about whether there is a problem of social stratification in the capital

— Alexander Sergeyevich, do social inequalities really pose much of a problem in the districts of the capital? — If compared with such megacities as New York or London, the problem of social stratification across Moscow’s districts appears to be much less of a problem. Development of market economy, understandably, would only add to the problem. — It happens, however, that... more

IUE presented Housing Affordability Index (HAI) in Russia for the year 2015 and the first quarter of 2016

Despite the tightening of mortgage lending terms and a 35% drop in the volume of mortgage loans issued in 2015 down from the values reached in 2014, the national average values of HAI improved in Russia. In 2014, 29.6% of households had access to mortgage loans, while in 2015 the value reached 30.8% of households. If assessed in terms of house price to household income ratio the affordability of... more

N. Kosareva, IUE President, presented a concept of how to streamline the legislative and regulatory framework for housing construction cooperatives (HCC)

N. Kosareva, IUE President, who heads a Commission on Housing Policy with the Public Council  under the Ministry of Construction of Russia, at a meeting, presented a concept of how to streamline the legislative and regulatory framework for HCC.  N. Kosareva proposed to replicate the cooperatives created in Western countries where the ownership of the dwellings constructed lies with a... more

RF State Duma adopted amendments to Federal Law on Equity Construction (No. 214-FZ) drawn up with the participation of IUE

The law shall come into effect on January 1, 2017. Certain provisions, among them those pertaining to the requirements with regard to a charter capital of a developer, a surety agreement and escrow accounts, shall come into force starting from July 1, 2017. Excerpts from an interview given by Nadezhda B. Kosareva, IUE President, to a web portal Строительство.RU: — Nadezhda Borisovna, how... more

New article of the IUE Executive Director Tatyana D. Polidi «Multifamily housing construction in Russia: supply elasticity and competition» in the Journal of Regional Studies Association «Area Development and Policy»

Housing unaffordability and unavailability are major socio-economic problems in modern Russia, and result from market failure to provide a sufficient volume of new housing at reasonable prices. About 29% of new newly constructed housing units are self-build single-family houses produced outside the market. Professional builders are specialized mainly in constructing multifamily houses, generally... more

New article of the IUE experts about the development of apartment-market in Russia

The authors of the article identify the legal issues arising because of the apartment-market development in Russia. The article describes the apartment-market, including performance indicators of the scope of proposal in the primary housing market in apartment buildings and apartments in Moscow-city; the volume distribution of apartments proposal on administrative districts of Moscow-city, the... more

IUE President Nadezhda Kosareva participated in the XIV All-Russian Conference "Mortgage lending in Russia"

XIV All-Russian conference "Mortgage lending in Russia" was held in Moscow on April 27, 2016. Purpose of the event: to develop practical solutions for strategic government initiatives in mortgage lending. In 2015-2016 there were launched new government initiatives to form transparency of functioning of the residential real estate market, to launch pilot projects on increasing the liquidity... more

IUE Management has taken an active part in the XVII April International Academic Conference of HSE

On April 19-22 in Moscow "Higher School of Economics" held the XVII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development - is the largest academic forum in Russia on social and economic sciences which has won international recognition. “We have moved beyond arguments where to go (though they do still occur) to examining the underground processes, and on understanding... more

IUE General Director Alexander Puzanov for French radio RFI about resettlement of dilapidated housing

In Russia, "retired" houses collapse  For many years residents of thousands of Russian multi-flat buildings have been trying to gain resettlement because of the state of buildings threatening their life and health. However, the majority of them do not manage even to force senior officials to recognize these houses to be unfit. And those who still have managed to do that, in many cases... more

HSE Working papers: A study on the consistency between housing and urban planning policies

Russian cities currently feel the utmost need both for improving the affordability of housing and upgrading the quality and enhancing the beautification of the urban environment, developing public spaces, expanding the diversity of forms of housing tenure for different categories of citizen. Implementation of the housing policy objectives necessitates a considerable update of urban planning... more