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Economic Urbanization

A monograph on “Economic Urbanization”, written by IUE’s experts as part of their scientific activity in NRU HSE, has been published.  The monograph deals with a highly relevant subject in today’s Russia - development of cities. The subject, however, is of importance not only for Russia. In this historic period the role of cities in regional, national, and even global economic development... more

Alexander Puzanov, Director General (IUE), talks to the Russian International Affairs Council: “A large city needs to have more of a voice of local communities”

The debate about the quality of urban environment remains high on the agenda in Russia and other countries. The Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) interviewed Alexander Puzanov about the challenges faced by a city today, and about which of them can be solved with the help of urban sciences. Alexander, could you please tell us about the prospects of urbanization in Russia and abroad,... more

Approaches to Assessing the Development of Urban Agglomerations

A publication “Approaches to Assessing the Development of Urban Agglomerations”, which had been funded through IUE Endowment, summarized the accomplishments of the project “Improving the Quality of Planning and Managing the Projects of Urban Agglomerations Development” carried out in 2017. The authors are A. Puzanov, IUE Director General, and R. Popov, Deputy Director of Municipal Economic... more

Private Rental Housing in Transition Countries

This book presents an overview of private rented housing in selected new EU member states and other transition countries – a topic scarcely researched to date, as it is largely part of the informal economy, and consequently often invisible to official statistics. The publication was prepared by a group of authors from Western and Eastern Europe, and Russia.  The editors are József... more

Assessment of Territorial Accessibility of Local Self-Government: Economic and Geographic Research

The article has been prepared following the results of the Territorial Accessibility of Local Self-Government in the Russian Federation research carried out by the Urban Economics Fund. Th e research attempts to assess the share of the Russian population living in settlements with limited territorial accessibility of local self-government. Th e authors give concrete examples to show that a... more