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IUE Executive Director, Tatyana Polidi took part in AREUEA 2019 National Conference in Washington

Дата публикации: 05.06.2019

The conference is held in Washington DC over a two day period typically at the end of the Memorial Day week. The sessions are informative and ample time is provided to allow for discussion among the presenters and session participants. Policy makers, academics, and real estate practitioners have all come to rely on the leading research and vigorous discussions that are a tradition of this conference.

47th AREUEA National Conference main topics: Women in Real Estate, Housing Cycles, Agglomeration and Inequality, Mortgage Pricing and the Primary Mortgage Market, The Mortgage Market and Real Economy Regulations, Housing Policy and Homeownership, Financing and Risk, Housing Affordability and other topical issues.

For more information about AREUEA Conferences, please visit AREUEA website