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Tatyana Polidi, Executive Director (IUE) made presentations at two panel discussions at the Moscow Urban Forum (MUF) 2018

Дата публикации: 18.07.2018

The Moscow Urban Forum 2018 dedicated to development of megacities and metropolitan areas amid global transformations took place on July 17-22.

On the first day of MUF 2018, Tatyana Polidi, Executive Director (IUE) spoke about economic aspects of redevelopment at a session “Redevelopment and Environment: How Major Redevelopment Projects Influence Cities?”. On July 18, with the support of DOM.RF, a round table session on “Housing for People: Development of Cities” was held. At the event Tatyana Polidi made a presentation “Housing and Urban Environment as Urban Economics Assets”. 

Video in english: MUF2018 / Renovation and Environment. How Major Redevelopments Influence on Cities?
Video in english: MUF2018/ Housing for People - Development of Cities